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Architectural / interior design-Furniture design-Supervision : Lambros Antaras, Sofia Chatzigeorgiou
Location : center of Thessaloniki
Area: 100,00 m2
Design – Construction : 2022-2023
Photo credits : CAN studio

Perched in a 1960 building, in the urban landscape of Thessaloniki, a two bedroom apartment becomes contemporary through open space gestures, preserving the interesting features of its original construction.

The focus of the design was to improve the apartment to accommodate the contemporary way of living. The old entrance lead to a long corridor that organized the rooms around it. Our intention was to create a more open and flexible space. We removed the unnecessary walls and partitions to create a sense of openness and flow between different areas, while kept the bedrooms and bathroom in the more private part of the apartment.

The interior design draws inspiration from interwar color palette, materiality and forms, with a contemporary touch. The original wooden floors and the beautifully handmade mosaic floors were preserved and formed the base of the material and color choices: burnt orange and teal colored kitchen cabinets, dusty pink and green small tiles with a green marble counter and dark wood for the bathroom.

Clean lines, curved surfaces and vibrant colored materials, in addition to the owner’s retro furniture, celebrate the 1960 aesthetics in Greece.