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Two Residence House in Panorama – Pylaia

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Architectural / interior design-Supervision :Savvas Tselepidis
Site Plan: Haris Chrisomallidis
Structural Study: Petros Kaplanidis
MEP: Dimitris Makris
Furniture design : Lambros Antaras, Giouli Perdiki
Location : Panorama
Area: 414,00 m2
Design – Construction : 2019-2022
Photo credits : Christos Dimitriou, studiovd

The building is nestled atop a hill in Thessaloniki of southwest orientation, featuring panoramic views of Thermaikos gulf and Mount Olympus. It houses two independent residences, exclusively designed for a big family.

The main needs of the family could be grouped into a pair of equal and oppositely charged dipoles:

  • Functional autonomy of the 2 residences / Easy internal communication between them

  • Ground floor relationship with the natural terrain / Maximum advantage of the view

Developped on two levels, the two residences form an inseparable unit without, however, any of them lacking the feeling of a simple family dwelling.

The volumetric representation, as well as the materiality (a combination of natural stone and plaster), achieve the ideal integration of the building into its surroundings. The stone façade along with the stone retaining walls form a system of elements that organize the landscape. The upper volume seems to float, balancing on top of the ground floor. The plastered vertical surfaces feature large openings towards the view of Olympus.

The custom designed Interiors seamlessly blend oak wood with white, creme and light blue lacquered accents, aiming to a soothing serenity. A vibrant playful colour palette is chosen for the children furniture. Beige and blue polished cement mortars combined with retro tiles complete the look of the bottom floor.