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Three pieces Project

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Architectural design/interior design/construction: Chrisoula Fotsitzi
MEP design: Efstratios Karpouhtsis, Giorgos Hatziagelou
Project location: Verias 4, Ano Ladadika, Thessaloniki
Built area: 56,00  m2
Design – Construction: 2018
Photo credits: CAN studio, Alexandros Giannakakis
Graphic identity: kakaocreative

  “Three pieces” is a project of a contemporary speakeasy bar. Speakeasies were illegal drinking dens that sold illicit alcoholic beverages during the Prohibition Era (1920 – 1933). Speak-easies was a nickname for these bars because patrons had to whisper code words to enter the establishments.

  The idea was to build a bar that is conceptualized after those Prohibition-era speakeasies. We created a nondescript and intriguing entrance to the bar through a photobooth inside a street food serving kitchen.

  The design approach followed the architecture of British and USA stores of the 19th century. For the store front we used eclectic stylish details along with a vibrant full hue color to further enliven the façade and make it more noticeable.

  The kitchen was designed to seem diy-ed and old fashioned. For this reason contrived patina was applied to materials and objects, such as raw pine wood benches and oxidized iron structures. The masonry was lined with wooden deck boards and handmade tiles in a herringbone pattern compose the kitchen background. An out dated photobooth was placed to hide the door to the bar.

  Low height, ambient lighting and the dark color of the ceiling give the wanted moody ambience of an intriguing space. The main bar placed to the back was built with well-appointed solid wood and eclectic sleek details, while the rest of the interior was designed minimal and sleek. The bartender is soaked in the gaudy neon lighting of the bar’s sign, making him and his mixing technique the main focal point.