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Customer: Shed
Architectural design/interior design/Supervision: Chrisoula Fotsitzi
Graphic identity: CAN studio
Project location: Achiropiitou 1, Thessaloniki
Built area: 9.5 m2
Design Phase: 2022
Completion Year: 2022
Photo credits: CAN studio, Sotiris Moraitis

Shed 小屋 is a Japanese coffee focused project, that would prepare and serve specialty coffee engaging customers in an enjoyable experience.

The property chosen is a tiny corner store room (shed) of ​​only 9.5 sq.m. located in the historic city center, on a paved pedestrian street near Achiropoiitos Church.

Storage, preparation and serving are located inside the store, while the paved outer space hosts seating customers.

The main goal of the functions lodgement was to utilize every sq.m. available. Considering the sufficient height of the room and the height difference between the 2 intersecting streets, we created the entrance on the highest point, on the side. The serving counter was placed on the front façade, which is the lowest one and the most proximate to the clients. We created a WC on the highest level as well, in order to create more storage room underneath.

Given modern society’s need of decluttering and more space to breathe, we found the design guidelines of the space in Japandi style.

Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics fused with a common root: minimalism with the aim of comfort and simplicity in forms, implicit color contrasts and love for natural materials. A combination of the hygge concept of Scandinavian culture with the main goal of comfort and the wabi-sabi philosophy of Japan with strong references in nature, finding beauty in imperfections and ignoring symmetries: wood in natural tones, terracotta, pastel or white colours, nothing too loud.