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Micro apartment

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Architectural / interior design-Furniture design-Supervision : Irineos Sapounas, Sofia Chatzigeorgiou
Location : Ampelokipoi,Thessaloniki
Area: 14,00 m2
Design – Construction : 2022-2023
Photo credits : CAN studio

Nestled beside the railway station, in the west side of the city center of Thessaloniki, a small rooftop studio is transformed in a contemporary living space.

The design challenge was to ensure the housing quality despite the remarkably small floorplan. This can only be achieved through a variable space that functions adaptively to the owner’s needs.

One can access the bathroom, located to the back of the plan, through the kitchenette, which is packed with all the necessary appliances. The main space is an open living area, with an installed wall mounted folding bed that is hidden when not in use. This frees up floor space for the office/dining table. All storage spaces are mounted in wall units to avoid clutter and provide a clean shaped space.

The limited color palette, with light whites and airy olive greens, is applied to both the walls and the furniture, helping make sure pieces really belong and keep the space from becoming cluttered.

In greek summer period the living space is expanded to the large rooftop terrace.