“Jerry’s, the Sweet Foodtruck” at Ioannina

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Customer: Jerry’s, the Sweet Foodtruck
Architects: Lambros Antaras, Giouli Perdiki, Eirinaios Sapounas, Chrissoula Fotsitzi
Construction: ConPlus
Location: Ioannina
Area : 80sqm
Design: 2017-18

Third destination for Jerry’s Sweet Foodtruck, Ioannina city. The elongated shop is located in a central part of town and has two entry points. The decision to separate the uses attributes the part facing the main street to the public while the section to the inner square is attributed to the maintenance and catering areas.

The dominant presence of the characteristic franchise van in each store enables us to compose the rest of the store from scratch, which makes each store unique without altering the brand image.

This time the Sweet Foodtruck is parked in the courtyard of a house, under arched windows and between climbing plants. Hard materials (metal / wood / rough plaster), color contrast (white / black, green / red) and equipment choices highlight the brand’s urban street aesthetic.

Floor plans