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Capri Nuovo

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Architectural design/interior design/Supervision: Chrisoula Fotsitzi
Project location: Nikiti, Chalkidiki
Built area: 190m2
Design Phase: 2022
Completion Year: 2022
Photo credits: Christos Dimitriou(Studiovd), Capri Nuovo archive

Situated in the west suburbs of Thessaloniki, Capri Nuovo is an intimate neighborhood pizza restaurant. After operating for several years in Thessaloniki, the brand decided that it was time to expand to a summer location by the sea (Nikiti, Chalkidiki) and reinvent its space, brand, and offerings to better align with its unique setting.

Inspired by Mediterranean materiality and colors, the intention was to create a comfortable and inviting space with a fluid transition between the indoors and outdoors. The Mediterranean color palette embraces vibrant and warm colors inspired by the natural elements found in the Mediterranean region. This palette typically includes hues such as terracotta, sandy beige, and olive greens. The warm tones evoke a sense of relaxation, often associated with Mediterranean culture and lifestyle, aiming to a soothing and serene ambience.

With the restaurant operating exclusively in summer period, the kitchen is located in the inner space and the guests’ seating outdoors, organized in three levels. From a cook’s position, the counter is at working height, allowing a fluid dynamic and a good range of view as they prepare guests’ orders.

This upper level shelters clients from the sun without losing view of the natural beauty of the surrounding. The shallow orientation allows the burnt orange-colored indoors and the Turkish Rosalina marble of the pizza counter to shine at the background, providing a clear view of the pizzaiolo techniques. Terracotta tiled benches surround the terrace, while the furniture chosen is made of wood and rattan mixed with Tinos green marble.

A few steps lower, on the street level, the seating under the huge pine tree follows the same palette, enhanced with olive green aluminum chairs and brown cord armchairs.

At the other side of the street, on a beach deck, the furniture is more discreet, allowing it to integrate with the beach. Rectangle plant pots with feather grass demarcate the space, swaying in the sea breeze.