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Apartment in the Upper City of Thessaloniki

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Architectural /interior design-Furniture design- Supervision : Sofia Chatzigeorgiou
Location : Ano Poli,Thessaloniki
Area : 80,00 m2
Design – Construction : 2021
Photo credits : CAN studio

Located in the old town of Thessaloniki, Ano Poli, a 1979 apartment is custom redesigned for its new owner.

Despite its favorable location, with the main façade overlooking an open public space, the apartment consisted of several small, dark spaces. The main design goal was to enlarge the living space and to result in a functional, contemporary space.

The walls that divided the front from the back part of the apartment are removed, so that the kitchen, living room and dining room are combined in a common space, that even nestles the home office. Natural daylight is now allowed in the space, upgrading the quality of the living environment. The two bedrooms are located in the more private back part of the apartment.

The wooden floors were repaired and preserved where existed, while cement mortar was applied to the rest of the floors and the bathroom.

Clean forms, simple lines and curved elements and the use of wood compose a balanced and tranquil environment. The vibrant, yet pastel color palette used celebrates Wes Anderson movies aesthetics.