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Αpartment in Thessaloniki

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Architectural design/interior design : Eleni Kompatsiari, Giouli Perdiki
Supervision : Eleni Kompatsiari, Sofia Hatzigeorgiou
Furniture design : CAN studio
Location : Toumpa, Thessaloniki
Area: 82,00 m2
Design – Construction : 2019
Photo credits : CAN studio

An architectural interior refurbishment of a 1977 apartment in Thessaloniki that aimed to accommodate the needs of the new owner. The design focused on creating a contemporary house with flexibility, comfort and aesthetics.

The suggested aim was to find a solution to the problematic layout of the apartment. The small, narrow and dysfunctional spaces resulted in the absence of living spaces and the obstruction of natural light. With a series of interventions, the apartment becomes more functional and spacious. The living areas (living room, kitchen, hallway) are unified in a large space that allows unimpeded flow of movement and the use of intermediate space. Now the apartment is filled with natural light, which upgrades the space quality. The former living room is turned into a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, leaving room on the opposite wall for a built- in library. The kitchen as well as new pieces of furniture are designed and custom-made to provide a wide variety of storage solutions.

 The chosen materials for the bedroom floors and the pieces of furniture as well as the kitchen worktops was wood. Polished mortars were used for the living room floor and the kitchen walls. In general light earthy tones were chosen with intense colors at points for contrast (bright green for the kitchen cupboards, burgundy for the bookcase and a distinctive painting style for the bedroom wall). The clean-cut forms with simple lines along with the curved elements compose an environment of balance and calmness. Each element of the apartment was designed specifically to serve the personal needs and desires of the owner (custom design).